Thursday, October 28, 2004

This is unhealthy 

I'm going to try and spend less time on the internet. I won't be posting anything more until election night. And until then, I'm going to try and think about it as little as possible.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The amazing Kerry candidacy 

What I find amazing is that everybody, including Kerry's supporters, assume that he is lying about everything, and not only is this not a problem, it's a point in his favor!

Think I'm exaggerating? Consider. When supporters of John Kerry who say that their support is based on gay marriage are confronted with John Kerry's statement that his position is the same as George Bush's, they shrug and say, 'He's lying'. And you know what? They're probably right.

John Kerry says he will 'stay the course' in Iraq. Yet, all the anti-war types base their support of him on the assumption that he is lying and will pull out as soon as possible. John Kerry can say how committed he is all he wants, but nobody, from his own supporters to the terrorists in Iraq, will believe him.

What brought me to this train of thought is the revelation that John Kerry was flat out lying when he claimed he had met with the entire security council. In fact, most of members said he had never met with them. Everybody shrugged. 'Of course John Kerry lied,' they say,'he lies about everything.'

John Kerry might actually scrape into the White House on the basis of everyone ignoring everything he actually says and simply assuming his positions are what they want them to be. If he does make it, there are guaranteed to be a whole lot of disappointed people no matter what he does. Has there ever been an election like this? Like I said, amazing.

Must read 

Keeping the country united? Good luck. Imagine FDR running a war with a press composed of cynical snickerers who derided the president as a rich old cripple who thought the best way to defeat Tojo was a war in North Africa and preached defeat every day through the hard slog of the Pacific theater. Imagine running a war with an entertainment industry that declined to make a single movie about the conflict - why, imagine a "Casablanca" where Rick and Sam argue about whether America started it all because they didn’t support the League of Nations. Imagine a popular radio drama running through the early 40s about a smart, charismatic, oh-so-intellectual Republican president whose bourbon baritone mocked FDR’s patrician whine, a leader who took no guff from Stalin OR Hitler! Lux Soap brings you, The West Wing of the White House! Imagine Thomas Dewey’s wife in 1944 callling the WW2 a war for oil; imagine former vice presidents insisting that FDR had played on our fears after Pearl Harbor. Imagine all that.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Oh. My. God. 

Ok. So. There were some explosives in Iraq. They weren't all that powerful, far less so than say, semtex. They wouldn't be very useful to independent operators, because they were in raw form, without fuses or other necessary tools to actually utilize them. They comprised a tiny portion of the enormous quantity of ordinance and explosives throughout Iraq.

Considering all of this, and considering that we have no reason to believe they were present at the start of the war in the same location that had been extablished months earlier,(In fact, Occam's Razor says they were moved prior) could somebody PLEASE explain this ridiculous treatment.

And would somebody please explain why the ever more absurd Kerry campaign is not being laughed out of this election when they try to make this the centerpiece of their criticism? I mean other than the possibility that most of the media is operating as a full-fledged apendage of the Kerry campaign. Ok, I suppose I kind of answered that for myself.

On Paul Krugman 

Michael Moore is a moron, but he makes no claim to be an intellectual, and his distortions are not in the least bit subtle or clever. Krugman claims the mantle of the intellect--which only proves that intellectuals can be just as moronic as idiots. His is the greater evil, and someday he will have to live with that truth.
-From Dr.Sanity

Monday, October 25, 2004

Reasons not to vote for George Bush 

Almost makes me want to change my vote...

And, in other news, Jeff Goldstein is funnier than the Onion.

Matt and Trey don't like Mike 

Trey: Yeah exactly. We strongly believe in guns. So then he kind of did it anyway. So then later when he did Fahrenheit 911, people were like, well, Michael Moore kind of lies and manipulates to make people think certain things. We're, like, personal victims of that. So we basically decided to make him into a puppet and blow him up. (Referring to Team America movie)

Matt: I mean, he didn't explicitly say, "Matt and Trey did this animation." But he made it look like it. And that's what he does in his movies. He uses two images together and creates meaning where there isn't none.

Trey: And he's fat.
From MooreLies

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Another endorsement 

It appears Tony Blair would also prefer George Bush be reelected. No surprise there.

I'll be generous and grant the Chirac and Shroeder would almost certainly prefer Kerry. On second thought, maybe that isn't that generous...

More on idiot novelists 

Someone else has decided to pile on the novelist opining for Slate-
I've not heard of most of these people. I hate mainstream (i.e., non-genre) novels. Modern novels seem to have a single plot:
1) Dullard is disappointed in his mundane life.
2) Dullard blames this on family/spouse/Society, rather than dullardism.
3) Dullard turns to substance abuse/wild sex.
4) Astonishingly, this fails to cure him of his dullardism, and his disappointment remains. Unless he kills himself.
Angie has more mockery where that comes from.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Into enemy territory 

A great experiment on the attitudes of "red" and "blue" areas. Can't say I'm surprised by the results. The more they talk about tolerance, the less they practice it.


Like the old artillery game. But old school.

Friday, October 22, 2004

The endorsements roll in 

Now Berlusconi says he hopes Bush wins. This comes on the heels of Australian Prime Minister John Howard saying the same. Soooooo, what happened to all those foreign heads of state that were supposedly endorsing Kerry? Other than Yasser Arafat, that is.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

the Japanese are so weird -2 

The Egg song.

(From Lileks)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Early and Often 

Well, I just voted. It was pretty easy. Although the electronic voting format leaves one a little uneasy. How do you really know they counted your vote? Anyway, I voted straight ticket Republican, even all the local offices I don't know anything about. I agree with Stephen Green, the behaviour of the Democratic National Party is disgraceful, and they need to be punished.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Super Guinea Pigs 

Bet that's not a news headline you expected to see.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Exciting Debate action 

I only watched a little of the last Presidential Debate(and not much of the other two). Turns out I missed some pretty exciting stuff
On screen stood Kerry, looking his haughty best. "For no particular reason," he said, "I would like to mention that Dick Cheney's daughter is a lesbian. A LES-BEE-AN! Also, I think Bush's daughters are lesbians too."

"That's only half true!" Bush yelled angrily.

The camera panned to Bush's daughters in the audience. "I'm not a lesbian!" Barbara shouted indignantly.

"Yeah, Barbara isn't a lesbian!" Jenna agreed.

"Now you can see Bush getting angry," Hume pointed out, "Then thinking better of it... and then getting angry again. Let's listen to his response."

"There are a lot of problems in America that need to be dealt with," Bush said, "Such as obesity, as seen with John Edwards’s fat cow wife. And there is the problem of mental illness, such as with Kerry's own wacked-out crazy wife. And we must stop those who may take advantage of the insane by marrying them for their billions."

"Through his Botox paralyzed face, you can start to see Kerry get angry," Hume observed.

"Finally, there is the problem of promiscuity," Bush continued, "as displayed by Kerry's own slut daughter - you know, the one you saw wearing that see-through dress to a film festival. She offered sex acts to me after the last debate, but I refused - though the asking price was surprisingly low."

"Do you know who I am?!" Kerry screamed and charged Bush.

"Of course, we all know how this ended," Hume said as they cut away from the debate clip, "with Bush pinning Kerry to the ground and then forcing Kerry to face the camera and admit that he's a little girl. How do think this will affect people’s opinions?"

Moving down the offensive scale... 

I saw Team America on Saturday. Really, really funny. Although it started a little slow. It really does give liberals a reason to be pissed off. It also has hot and sloppy wooden puppet sex. What more could you ask for?

Funny Zombies 

I saw Shaun of the Dead last week. Quite funny, although disturbing. Not for the faint of heart. One of the lessons of the movie seems to be that Brits can't shoot. They find a shotgun and nobody knows how to use it. They can't hit zombie heads from 10 feet. pathetic.

The wages of Kerry 

A chilling thought, from Mr.Jackson.

Friday, October 15, 2004

What "the world" thinks 

Japan slams Kerry.

From the Corner.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Idiot Authors 

Beautiful atrocities has it's own analysis of the Slate survey of novelists I had mentioned earlier. He even found some choice quotes I had not noticed while skimming the article. I mean really, it would just be unreasonable to expect a sane person to do more than skim these gibberings.

Darkenwilde also has his take.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Debate 

Ok, I didn't even make it 20 minutes this time. But here were my impressions.
-George Bush is vastly improved. He doesn't come off as angry. He's sunny, relaxed, articulate. He's doesn't grimace nearly as much while Kerry is talking. One way or the other, this will be the last presidental election debate he takes part in, and I'm inclined to say it's his best performance(in such a debate) ever.

-Kerry's demeanor is all right, but his entire spiel is basically- bitch, bitch, bitch. Will that work? It depends on how pessimistic voters are. If you're inclined to bitch yourself, this might seem like your candidate. Bush had the perfect retort(probably prepared beforehand) he said something like "a litany of complaints is not a plan". Bingo. That exactly nails the problem with Kerry. He keeps saying "I have a plan", but what he means is "I have a complaint".

-Also, Bush made a point when talking about taxes on "the rich" that that also includes small businesses. Yes, perfect. It is important to point out things like that.

-That second question about the flu vaccine- what kind of contentless softball was that?

The Race Pimp 

This is just awesome.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Idiots for Kerry, pt.2 

Lesssee, where was I... Oh yeah,
Here's what I've heard and read about: the intimidation of elderly black voters, a successful attack on a decorated war veteran's bravery engineered by a team of cowards,
-Gary Shteyngart
And you believed it?
John Ashcroft, who has defaced the Constitution
-Jim Lewis
What, with magic marker? Crayon?
John Kerry: If he doesn't win, I'll have to be Canadian for the next four years.
-Vendela Vida
And I'm sure that thought strikes fear into the heart of every American.
I'm voting for Kerry. I've just discovered that, through some unsurprising accident of the Board of Elections, I'm actually registered to vote in two different counties. So I'm considering voting for him twice. I really think it's not alarmist to say that if Bush is reelected to another four years, it may be the end of life as we know it.
-Nicole Krauss
Paranoid delusions and criminal behaviour! It's a twofer!
I saw the face of the Republican Party the other day at the Saratoga racetrack. It was the last day of the races, and a small woman with a big hat walked through the crowd carrying a handmade sign, written in script: "Little Old Ladies in White Tennis Shoes For Kerry," it said at the top and beneath it, "The best bet of the day." She moved through the crowd, a big smile, holding the sign over her head. I watched as she passed an old-young guy, mid-30s, already well-paunched, gold watch, smoking a cigar. He looked at her, at the sign, and then bent forward and spat out a nasty remark in her ear. I was too far away to hear it. But the way he shook his head after he passed her, his body language, maybe just the watch, I was sure it was nasty.
-Thomas Beller
Hmmm... the "face of the Republican Party". Does this guy even begin to understand how underwhelming his story is? He thinks, based on body language, that somebody said something negative to a Kerry supporter. And really, what more do you need to know about the Republican party? I mean, look, the guy was wearing a gold watch. Could there be a more compelling reason to vote for John Kerry?

Is this guy really so ignorant that he doesn't know about the coordinated violent assault by AFL-CIO Kerry supporters on Republican campaign headquarters? Actually, he probably is.

A wrap up. This is just an astounding concentration of ignorance, paranoid hysteria, and narcissistic liberal cocooning. Not only that, but the desperate Euro-envy is almost painful to read. "But Moooooooooooom, you're making me look bad in front of the popular kids." If I didn't know better I'd think this was some kind of subversive attempt by Slate to make Kerry supporters look bad. You really can't parody this stuff. I think even most partisan Democrats would wince at this. The sanest thing said by a Kerry supporter comes from John Updike
The present president has his virtues and his good intentions
Gee John, thanks. If more of the novelists were like this, they might actually have convinced somebody of their wisdom, instead of scaring anyone rational away.

I leave the final word to Bush supporter Robert Ferrigno
Most novelists live in their imagination, which is a fine place to be until the bad guys come knock knock knocking.

The endorsement of the idiots 

Slate has an interesting little feature in which they ask a bunch of novelists who they support for president. Most of them, obviously, support Kerry. Of course, in the course of their remarks most of them manage to provide a very excellent anti-endorsement, because they are so obviously stupid that one's immediate reaction is to do the opposite of whatever they would do-some examples
In a different sort of election, I might have voted for a Green Party candidate
-Dan Chaon
What's more, the current president has done more to damage our civil rights, our environment, our standing in the world, our work toward the collective good, our sense of security.
-Amy Tan

Ummm.. Amy, shouldn't a succesful novelist know how to construct a complete, grammatically correct sentence? Also, shouldn't you know how to express concrete concepts and not vapid cliches? What exectly does "work toward the collective good" mean, anyway?
I actually voted for Nader in 2000
-Rick Moody
Like virtually everyone I know, I'm voting for Kerry.
-Joyce Carol Oates

Why doesn't this surprise me?
I'm voting for Kerry. Because I'm not in the U.S. much of the time, I am apt to see current events as presented in the foreign press, and they differ a lot from the way things are spun here. From there, it is painful to see our country dragged through the mud because it has a leader who appears foolish, rash, and arrogant.
-Diane Johnson

Then why don't you stand up and tell them to stop lying about our country and our leader Diane?
Kerry, of course.
. . .
Also, his wife is hot hot hot.
-Jonathan Franzen

Ok, the woman he's talking about here is Theresa Heinz Kerry. This is not a sane man.
My heart aches for the lost children in this pointless and unsolicited war.
-Judith Guest

The Children! Only Judith is thinking of The Children!
The war in Iraq, and earlier in Afghanistan, has united more terrorist factions than ever before, so we are not safer than we were before Sept. 11.
-Edwidge Danticat(What a frickin' name! No wonder he likes Kerry.)

So, has anybody explained to Edwidge(snicker) that Kerry also supported military action in Afghanistan? (I think. He hasn't changed his position since then, has he?)
Would George Bush steal the election if he thought he could get away with it? The evidence is that he has (disenfranchising black voters in Florida in 2000) and wants to again (attempting the same trick already this year).
I consider a vote for Bush a vote for tyranny.
-Jane Smiley

Hmmm... insane, inflammatory, and unsubstantiated charges? seems par for the course.
Not just because the Bush administration has plunged us into an opportunistic war that has needlessly killed thousands, wrecked the economy, widened the chasm between rich and poor, savaged the environment, tried to mess with our Constitution, swatted away the international community, and caused me to wonder whether I really am an American
-Jennifer Egan

Don't forget all the kitties and puppies they've harmed too, Jennifer. And rainbows. Rainbows have been outlawed.
I'll vote for John Kerry. His election won't reverse our nation's rush to establish a fascist plutocracy, it's too late for that.
-Russell Banks

No comment.
The way he interweaves church and state frightens me, too—I think the founding fathers of this country went to great lengths to keep that from happening.
-Jodi Picoult

An obviously very ignorant woman. If she had any idea how often historical presidents mentioned God or religion, she'd probably start hyperventilating.

Got to go, update this with more later.

Presidential Qualifications 

”During the inevitable argument over America, one French journalist insisted that George Bush could not be a candidate for the French Presidency; he was too stupid. I retorted that Jacques Chirac could not be a candidate for the US Presidency; he would be in jail.”
Via the Corner

Monday, October 11, 2004

Aspen Posted by Hello

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Suggested reading 

This piece by Jonah Goldberg has been linked many other places, but it's really good, so I'll link it here. Basically, he's fed up with the incoherence of Kerry and his acolytes with regard to the war in Iraq and he's not taking it any more.

These remarks by Roger Simon are related-
Kerry is something else. He is the Ultimate Conservative - not in politics, mind you, but in temperament. He is the man of the status quo par excellence. Nothing changes or should change in the World According to Kerry. All this talk of nuance is simply a mask for stasis. These "subtleties" of thought are almost never original, merely idea rotation for its own sake, going nowhere and deliberately so. The real(motivating) idea is not to move.

Friday, October 08, 2004

The V-P debate 

this is rather late, but it's really funny.

The debate 

I watched about 30 minutes, and that was as much as I could handle. I didn't watch the first one, so I don't have that as a reference, but my impressions are as follows-

-It was almost entirely about foreign policy. The claim I heard was that it supposed to be about domestic policy, they may get to that in the second half.

-Kerry is good. By that I mean he is a good performer. He's full of s**t, but the average viewer probably doesn't know that.

-The candidates frequently dodged their opponents statements. Answering only the convenient part, or not at all.

-Bush is pissed. He looks like he's angry as he's sitting listening to Kerry, and he seems like he's restraining his anger(not all that well sometimes) when he speaks. He's certainly very forceful.

-Kerry keeps going on about the "allies" thing. It's a fraud and he knows it. Our allies simply don't have sufficient militaries to provide significantly more support than they are. He's promising something he can't deliver. Bush doesn't really call him on it, either because he doesn't think to do it, or because he also might not want to admit that there's no more help on the way. He also might not want to alienate other countries by pointing out that they are useless.

-Kerry handled the flip-flop thing pretty well. Again it was a fraud, but most viewers wouldn't know that. He claimed that he didn't like the way Ashcroft was implementing the Patriot Act, which is a lie since he's never been able to say specifically what is wrong. He also ran with the "NoChildLeftBehind act is underfunded", which is false since it's really all about the standards that his teacher-union supporters don't like. Bush doesn't hit him with this, possibly because it would be hard to explain, he does the flip-flopping on Saddam Hussein instead, which is pretty effective.

-Bush was asked the "Europeans don't like us" question and I think he hit it out of the park. He pointed out(basically) that it is more important to be right than popular and he brought up Israel, which was a masterstroke. Europeans don't like Israel. Americans do. Given the choice, support Israel or be popular in Europe, the vast majority of Americans will take the first option. Kerry, predictably, ignored the Israel point in his rebuttal.

-Kerry randomly brings up the "X jobs lost" and "taxes for the richest one percent" talking points. Is this just rallying the base? Does this really convince people?

Who won? Based on the half I saw, I would say Kerry came off better. He was under control, he had his (fraudulent) talking points and arguments well rehearsed. Bush didn't argue his case as well and seemed peeved. I didn't see the first debate so I don't know if this is better. It might be sufficiently better that Bush might benefit from low expectations . I don't know.

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

The "economy" 

I agree with Robert Musil on this-
Over the years voters have shown a clear pattern of voting their own economic interests as those interests have been personally experienced by the voter - not as they are discussed b the candidates or massed spinning pundits.
People don't care what the GDP is. They don't care what the unemployment rate is. They don't care about the CPI or the trade deficit. They don't read the newspaper and say "oh, the economy's good, I'll vote for the incumbent." They look at their own personal economic situation, and if it's good, they say "the economy's good, I'll vote for the incumbent". The official statistics will be broadly reflective of how many voters will feel this way, and so they are useful, but one shouldn't get the cause and effect mixed up.

Growing up 

What did happen, I wondered, to the little boy who cried when Adlai Stevenson lost? What happened to the young man whose heroes were Abraham, Martin, and John?
Time changes the river, I suppose, and it changes all of us as well. Iwas tired of Sudan being on the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations. I was tired of dictators with Swiss bank accounts, like Castro and Arafat and Mugabe, masquerading as men of the people. I was tired of Europeans picking on cowboys, everybody picking on the Jews, and the whole supposedly civilized world of gutless wonders, including the dinosaur graveyard called Berkeley, picking on America and Israel. As I write this, 1.2 million black Christian and Muslim Sudanese are starving to death thanks to the Arab government in Khartoum and the worldwide mafia of France, Germany, China, Russia, and practically every Islamic country on the face of the earth. What happened to the little boy who cried when Adlai Stevenson lost? He died in Darfur.
Growing up means facing hard truths. via Tim Blair

Who's opinion 

However do keep in mind that according to the Kerry campaign unless you served on a swift boat, under Kerry's immediate command, during a four month period in 1968, in Vietnam, the views of veterans and active service members don't count. But if they meet all those criteria most servicemen adamantly believe that John Kerry is the best qualified man in America to be Commander in Chief and to doubt that is to question the service and patriotism of all those who served.

My old town 

This is pretty funny- and the "artist" is just hilarious-
The mistakes wouldn't even register with a true artisan, Alquilar said.
"The people that are into humanities, and are into Blake's concept of enlightenment, they are not looking at the words," she said. "In their mind the words register correctly."

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The essence of lawyers 

I found this in an online guide to the LSAT-
In your undergraduate studies you probably learned to quickly read through reams of material. You were also probably taught to seek out truth and knowledge. This academic conditioning will serve you poorly on the LSAT. The LSAT does not measure your academic knowledge; rather it tests your ability to detect patterns and relationships. Often these patterns are invalid, such as fallacious arguments. Searching for knowledge and truth can be ruinous to your LSAT score.
And what does this conclusion say about lawyers?

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Former Spanish Prime Minister Aznar 

is the man...
[A]s we learned later on, the atrocities of 11th March in Madrid began to be plotted back in October 2001, long before the campaign in Iraq was initiated or even prepared. However, there is more. If you take the trouble to focus on what Bin Laden has written and stated in recent years - and let me point out again that Bin Laden writes about what he aims to do with striking clarity - you will realize that the problem Spain has with Al Qaeda and Islamic terrorism did not begin with the Iraq Crisis. In fact, it has nothing to do with government decisions. You must go back no less than 1,300 years, to the early 8th century, when a Spain recently invaded by the Moors refused to become just another piece in the Islamic world and began a long battle to recover its identity. This Reconquista process was very long, lasting some 800 years. However, it ended successfully. There are many radical Muslims who continue to recall that defeat, many more than any rational Western mind might suspect. Osama Bin Laden is one of them. His first statement after 11th September - I repeat, the 11th September - did not begin by referring to New York or Iraq. His first words were to lament the loss of Al Andalus - Moorish Medieval Spain - and compare it to the occupation of Jerusalem by the Israelis.

Monday, October 04, 2004

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Under the influence 

Mr. Kerry claimed in the debate that, had the U.S. gone back to the Security Council on Iraq yet again (and, presumably, again), our "allies" would have finally supported the war in Iraq. He is smoking weed.
- I just think it's really funny that this came from Marty Peretz(Paid subscription required), owner of the New Republic. And this last bit is interesting too
Towards the end of the evening, President Bush said he wanted to convey to the world the strength of certainty. Sen. Kerry wanted to convey the strength of being right.
The thing is, I've never seen John Kerry show any concern for what is right. I've only seen him show concern for what is popular. There's a big difference.

Like the weather 

Although, personally, I think he's a little more predictable. This is funny.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Aspen in Fall Posted by Hello

Me and hurricane Jeane 

Got on pretty well. It actually was supposed to go up the coast, but it came over to Tampa instead. It was pretty much the best weather we had while we were there. At least I didn't feel like I was in a sauna. More like a washing machine. But at least it wasn't hot.

And now we've had the coldest weather in Denver since I moved here. I actually turned the heat on for the first time today. Summer is definitely over.

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